Experienced Personnel at Your Fingertips

PNP is a resource for corporate real estate and facilities teams who have clear gaps in their personnel. Our team of project managers can fill targeted roles within larger projects, or we can lead entire projects, from start to finish, located anywhere in the US.

By partnering with a fractional owner's representative firm like Plan North Partners, real estate and facilities teams gain the ability to quickly augment their staff for better, more reliable project results.

Low-Risk, High-Reward Hiring

What We Bring to Your Team

Expertise and Specialization

Leverage our industry expertise in development, construction, and renovation for your commercial project.

Streamlining Operations

We’ll keep all the stakeholders on the same page, coordinating architects, contractors, engineers, and regulatory authorities.

Cost Control and Budgeting

We’ll help you estimate costs, identify areas to save, and implement strategies to help you stay within budget while delivering your projects as a complete comprehensive package.

Time Management

Timing can be everything -- especially when a lease expiration is looming on the horizon. We construct detailed schedules and monitor every milestone to ensure new facilities are ready when they're needed.

Risk Mitigation

Risk comes in many forms -- construction delays, materials shortages, lease overruns, compliance challenges. While every project comes with some risk, we’ll implement proven strategies to minimize any project disruptions.