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Plan North Partners empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to create thriving commercial spaces through professional, on-demand project management.

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Leading from the Center

Building a commercial space is a complex process involving many different stakeholders. There are landlords, architects, general contractors, engineers, designers—just to name a few—each with their own agendas and expectations.

Plan North Partners serves it's clients by leading from the center of this community. We represent you—the owner of the project—to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

PNP for Small Business

Business owner’s are busy running their businesses. Go figure. PNP is the subject matter expert who can make project-specific decisions on the owner’s behalf.

PNP for Corporate Teams

For corporate real estate teams, PNP is Tier-1 staff on-demand. An experienced group of project managers who can fill the most “need to fill” roles.


Plan North Partners is there every step of the way

Comprehensive Project Management

as the Owner's Representative

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